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  1. What services offered by The Star Online after I register a member account?

    With a MyStar membership, you'll have access to all of The Star Online's personalised services, including:

    • Business Research Articles
    • My Portfolio
    • Stock Charts
    • Contests
    • Games
    • Classifieds Booking
    • My Recipe Book
    • Reload Online
    • Citizen's Blog

  2. Is the membership free?

    Yes, the membership is free.

  3. Is the username case sensitive?

    The user ID is not case sensitive. This means if you have registered yourself as "user", you can even log in as "USER".

  4. Is the password case sensitive?

    The password is case sensitive. This means if you have registered your password as "PASSword", you must log in by using "PASSword" and not "password" or "PASSWORD".

  5. Can I edit my user name?

    The user name cannot be modified after you have registered.

  6. How can I edit my profile?

    Please log in to to edit your profile.

  7. I can't access MyStar services when I'm using the Opera web browser.

    Please upgrade your Opera browser to latest version.